Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable, Green … is dire, and we here on TheBear.Earth blog shares background knowledge and tips to lower your footprint and other ideas that help you fight against global warming and poverty. It's often not the radical changes that make the difference; it's more like a lifestyle change where you get something better by the end of the day and help the earth—a Win-Win Situation.

We share this to give us a better future and show that a modern lifestyle and sustainability don't contradict each other. And, it's also not a question of budget. It's a question of deciding on something and staying with it. That automatically makes you use resources carefully—an intelligent way to fight against climate change and stand out for a better world.

In the last decades, the economy was dominated by growth. Economic and trash grow hand in hand and lead many people to poverty. Bad quality of products leads to more destruction… and by the end, you have to spend more money as you have to buy multiple times. The low price mentality is not sexy. It comes with a price tag in other areas.

All this can be changed with a few smart decisions - by you. Be part of it and help that the earth will be a nice valuable place in future too.

TheBear.Earth Team